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Create your own shop in 3 Clicks!!.

Instantly create a shop and a range of products.

Here you can upload a logo, jpeg, or brand and the shop will be created.

The image will be uploaded to the banner of your shop. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with the look of the shop or products, you will be able to edit your shop and products to look like the examples below once your instant shop has been created.

You can link your shop to any of your websites and start make money at nostock risk to you.

Thanks to Createmymerch you can add your own images on products, change the size or placement of designs and add text in hundreds of fonts and millionsof colours, as you want.

Finally your retail-quality product is manufactured by Createmymerch and shipped out.


Give your shop a name:

Stage 3 Add your branded logo:

This logo will appear as a top banner of your site and on a range of products, you will be able to edit your look of your shop and change a the products once you have seen your preview.

Please note that images must be larger than 100 pixels x 100 pixels.
Available formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. Also the larger the image the longer it will take to upload. Please limit images to 500K.

Remove background of logo







sample 1 sample 1


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