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Create My Merch – FAQ’s and Help.

Once I have placed my order how can I change or cancel it?

Once an order has been placed you will receive confirmation and an order number.  If you wish to then change or cancel your order, make a note of the order number and contact our customer services.  They will try their very best to fulfil your request as best they can but it will be depended on what stage of production your order has reached.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes but there will be extra shipping costs and please allow longer for delivery.  International orders should take 12 days for delivery and for delivery in the UK expect your order to take no more than 10 working days to arrive, although we will endeavour to send out product on a next working day basis. (Please also see Delivery Information page).

Designing for dark products.

Make sure that you have removed any backgrounds, even white ones, if not they too will be printed.  You are able to do this by double clicking on your logo once it is uploaded and ticking the ‘Remove Background’ box.

Can I chose and change the price of products?

Yes you are able to set and change the mark up that you add above the base price to what ever you wish.  Once your shop is created if you wish to change what it is set at you are able to do this by selecting ‘Edit Products’ then chose the product that you wish to change.

How do I start selling my personal designs?

In order to start selling your uniquely designed products you must start by designing a web shop.

How much money can I earn?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn.  Each product has a set price, then you have the option to mark up the price as much or as little as you like above this, all of which you will receive.

How can I view other peoples’ shops?

For inspiration to see how other web shops are looking simply scroll through the many already created shops on Create My Merch on the left side of this page.

How can other people find my shop?

Once you have created your web shop, it will create your personal URL, you can then post this on your own websites as a link or e-mail it to your friends.  Your shop will also appear on the Create My Merch website, that is unless you chose for that not to happen when your creating it.

Can I edit my shop or products once iv created my shop?

Yes once your shop is created you can edit both the shop and your products as you please.

What are the legal rights of any designs that I upload?

In order to use your design ( photograph, logo, text etc. ) you must have full rights to this design. In case of doubt please confirm ownership or ask the rightful owner for usage rights before using the design.
By ordering from createmymerch you are confirming that you:
hold the specific rights to commercially reproduce this design
if for any reason, the legal beholder of this copyrights contacts Event Merchandising he/she will be referred directly to me.

Are uploaded designs monitored? And what will happen if an illegal design is discovered?

Yes uploaded designs are checked, if we discover an illegal design we will email you to notify you and will not be able to print the image.

What different payment methods are there?
Credit cards and debit cards, paypal.

How do I get the money?
You can check your account sales, and request payments to your bank account or  paypal account

How can I monitor my orders?
Go to your account area and view orders

Who has access to my personal data? And how is it protected?
Your details are protected on our secure server. Please also see Terms and Conditions page.

How are the products sized?
The size of items are detailed on the product information tab and there is more information about sizing for garments on the ‘Sizing’ page.




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