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About Create My Merch

Fed up with mass produced products!? Dare to be different, well CreateMyMerch offers you an on-demand platform to uniquely design your own products. The options are infinite and instant. CreateMyMerch offers endless retail quality, one-of-a-kind products produced within 24 hours. Every single product we ship to customers is made - literally - one at a time, right after you click "Purchase Now".  Made possible due to years of R&D, proprietary manufacturing systems and software development.


There are a huge number of risks to take in to consideration when starting up a retail business, such as bulk ordering your products (most likely from overseas) and exposing yourself to huge upfront costs. You might have a few great selling designs but a dud or two could kill your business, you’ll be stuck with the wasted inventory and it becomes a sunk cost. Predicting demand is an impossible task and even managing the different sizes and what's “in stock”. You’ll be limited to a number of products and designs you can offer your customers. Instead of designing and creating content, you are stuck with the hassles of running a small business that's hard to get off the ground.
CreateMyMerch is offering you the opportunity to make money with a retail operation, minus the heavy lifting, management headache, upfront costs, and liabilities.


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